Hiring Executive Director

Blue13 Dance Company seeks a full-time Executive Director to address the organization’s needs in the areas of development, operations, marketing and fundraising. Candidates should possess strong leadership skills, non-profit arts administration experience, and a passion for dance and the arts. This is a 40 hours/week position.

To read full job description and to apply, visit our Linkedin profile to submit your resume and cover letter by August 23, 2021.

Blue13’s Flip the Script Interview Series on IG

Join us in our new weekly Instagram Interview Series, Flip the Script. The Concept: Blue13er interviews an artist and at the 15 minute mark, “flip” places so the interviewee becomes the interviewer. This will evolve, we hope, into a multitude of artists and arts supporters/professionals chatting in an informal setting, to foster communication and curiosity, and to provide the public with a glimpse into our minds and hearts when we aren’t in a pretty package on stage.

Fighting Inequity in Dance

Blue13 has been having these conversations since our very inception, and we are of course, not alone. Our Black and Indigenous sisters and brothers in the field and worldwide have been bearing this burden for hundreds of years. Our Indian ancestors, in fact our South Asian ancestors at large, have been oppressed and held down by colonialism for hundreds of years. I have been complicit in many ways without realizing, and apologize for that. Specifically: body type casting based on Eurocentric ideals; upholding ballet as superior, and thus whiteness as superior to me, to my dancers, to all forms and styles of dance; using ballet terminology in Bollywood classes (plie, 2nd position, coupe, etc.); so much more. We have been having the conversations for years, but we have so much uncovering and dismantling to do, here at home, and as advocates and activists living out loud. I am committed to making changes with out board and with our dancers and partners to attack and name, and dismantle systemic anti-Blackness, sexism, racism, ableism, anti-LGBTQIA oppression, and white supremacy in dance. We make art to fight, and we must elevate our voices in joint and echoing crescendo.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @blue13dance to see our public conversations, interviews, and roundtable discussions on inequity and white supremacy in our industry. Do more than read a book. Join us and volunteer, join our board, and do the work with us.

Decolonizing the Canon: Blue13 Dance Company Review

Sophie Bress for Ampersand LA

Blue13 questions the lines that we use to divide dance into categories, the lines that denote what is diminishingly called a “fusion” or “cultural” dance form. The company breaks these arbitrary lines, showing us there is no need for them. Blue13 dancers, clad in vibrantly adorned costumes and ghungroos (bells worn on the ankles in traditional Indian dance forms), whirl across the stage, swaying their hips in time to the beat of the drum, pausing only to balance in perfect arabesques, topping off their poses with the intricate arm, wrist and hand positions that come from classical Indian dance. McDaniels’ choreography shows us how much can be gained by a deep understanding and exploration of multitudes of dance styles. 

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Terpsichore in Ghungroos Premiere

Blue13 Dance Company premieres two works at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, February 21-22, 2020. Works choreographed by Achinta S. McDaniel include triptych “Terpsichore in Ghungroos,” along with “Fuck Fusion version 2, Or how to/not to be adequately Indian,” and Bollywood favorite, “Diya aur Toofan.”

Blue13 APAP 2019 Showcases

3 Showcases from which to choose (Yes, we speak English!)

1/6/19 8:20-8:35pm Trianon Ballroom Hilton Conference Hotel, 3rd Floor

1/6/19 9:15-9:30pm City Center, Studio 4

1/7/19 3:05-3:20pm City Center, Studio 4

Viva Las Vegas! Blue13 @WAA

Blue13 performs Bollywood & Contemporary Indian at Western Arts Alliance conference at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Wednesday Aug 29th!

Short 5-Minute excerpts from new works: 10p, 10:25p, 10:45p, 11:10p, 11:30p
In Crandall Roger’s Independent Showcase: Da Vinci 3 & 4 Meeting Rooms

Contact: 310.739.5369 for meetings/bookings.