Felisya Soqui-Garcia


Felisya Soqui-Garcia embarked on her dance journey at the age of three, driven by a medical condition that shaped her path in unexpected ways. What began as a personal challenge transformed into a steadfast career choice. She initially entered the world of dance on a competitive level, later pivoting towards artistic dance while working toward her BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona.

Since then, Felisya’s journey has led her to countless local performances and commercial work. Notably, her artistic endeavors took her to Bolzano, Italy, where she delivered a remarkable performance. With the future unfolding before her, she eagerly anticipates the upcoming chapter in her career.

Felisya Soqui-Garcia has found a meaningful artistic home within the Blue13 Dance Company. As she becomes an integral part of this community, her artistic skills and dedication contribute to the collective spirit of the company!