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Join us in committing to Artistic Director, Achinta S. McDaniel’s philosophy at all levels of Blue13: ACCESS, BELONGING, INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, EQUITY. We at Blue13 know and stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER, and our commitment to ABIDE includes a deep understanding of the harmful and violent anti-Black racism and prejudice against BIPOC that has upheld our society since before the birth of the U.S. Our mission is to shift perceptions and practice of “American” dance, and that is just one piece of the dismantling work, that begins with non-defensive recognition of systemic oppression in dance. Our board, staff, dancers, and collaborators attempt to increase and assert our ABIDE approach at every level. We would love to partner with you wherever you are on your equity journey at your school, institution, and studio. Please reach out today to join us.

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